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Our Story

In the heart of Germantown stands our community school, GES #60. For years, it has been a nurturing space where young minds blossom, preparing them for a brighter future. Today, we embark on a journey to expand our campus, creating more room for growth, exploration, and endless possibilities.

The GES #60 Raise the Roof Campaign is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to construct a new gymnasium, a space that will serve as a sanctuary for physical development, teamwork, and personal growth. As our school district expands, so do the needs of our students. With an increasing enrollment, our current gymnasium is bursting at the seams, unable to accommodate the growing demand for athletic programs, physical education classes, and extracurricular activities.

The vision for this project is not merely about erecting brick and mortar; it is about investing in the future of our children. A modern and spacious gym will provide them with the resources and opportunities they deserve, nurturing their physical wellness alongside their academic achievements. It will foster a sense of community, bringing together students, faculty, and families in a shared pursuit of health, fitness, and camaraderie.

To turn this vision into a reality, we face a critical challenge - a funding gap of $750,000. But we firmly believe that within our united community lies the power to overcome any obstacle. Together, we can raise the roof, quite literally, and create a space where our students can reach new heights, discover their potential, and forge lifelong bonds of friendship.  We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of transformation. Your support, whether it be through generous donations, volunteer efforts, or spreading the word, will make an indelible impact on the lives of countless students for years to come. Together, let us build strong minds and strong bodies, empowering the leaders of tomorrow and strengthening the foundation of our community.

As we embark on this exciting chapter in our school's history, we are filled with gratitude for every contribution, big or small, that brings us closer to our goal. Your dedication to our students and belief in their limitless potential fuel our determination to make this dream a reality.

Join the GES #60 Raise the Roof Campaign today and help us build a future where our children can soar higher than ever before. Together, let us raise the roof and create a lasting legacy of excellence, resilience, and strength.

Our Goal

The goal of the Capital Campaign is to raise $750,000 for the purpose of filling the funding gap for the gym by soliciting donations from businesses, families, and individuals.

Why a New Gym

Our current gym has served as a home to countless events over the years, graduations, concerts, assemblies, sporting events, and PE. While it has served its purpose, due to limited seating it is a struggle to accommodate the needs of our growing school community. Some of the challenges we face with our current gym include:

  • For sporting events, visitors to the building often have to congregate in the hallway until their child's game starts because of limited seating in the gym.

  • Our athletes are at a disadvantage practicing on our small court. Conditioning and game prepping on a small court does not prepare our athletes for playing games on bigger courts.

  • In addition, the small dimensions of the court do not allow basketball players to comfortably shoot a three pointer from the baselines.

  • As a result of the small court dimensions and limited seating, hosting sporting events that draw a large number of people, such as Regionals, is not a viable option.

  • For events such as concerts, the overflow crowd results in some visitors having to stand for the entire performance.

  • For whole school assemblies, some students have to sit on the floors to accommodate our growing enrollment.

  • When PE cannot be held outside due to weather or other circumstances, the gym is occupied the entire day. As a result, indoor recess and PreK gross motor time has to be held in the classrooms.

  • As our class sizes increase, the small size of our gym inhibits our ability to effectively carry out PE activities.

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What about the Old Gym?

The construction of a new gym would give us much more flexibility as we would have two gyms to use throughout the year.

  • On days when PE cannot be outside due to weather, the gym is booked nearly all day long.  That means indoor recess and PreK gross motor time has to be held in the classrooms which is less than ideal.  Having a second gym would give us the flexibility of taking the students to a gym on indoor recess days instead of playing in the classrooms. 

  • An open gym would also give us the flexibility of conducting science experiments in the gym instead of in the hallway or simply giving our teachers a bigger space free of classroom furniture to spread out and engage in hands-on activities. 

  • During sports season, our gym is typically booked from 3:00-9:00. This means some of our students are practicing late at night. A second gym would allow us to schedule two practices at one time and thus get our students home earlier in the evening.

  • As our school continues to grow, a second gym would allow us to split PE classes to make them more manageable. 

  • If the need were to arise in the future, the original gym could eventually be transformed into classrooms. 

The school community would benefit greatly from having a second gym.

The New Gym Design

Gym Design

The phase 2 gym project includes a full-sized court running east and west and allows for 2 smaller courts running north and south. Several rows of bleachers flank both sides of the court allowing for increased capacity. The locker room is located in the gym and includes a space for the home and visiting team to meet, an office area for the athletic director, a place for referees to sit before, after, and at intermission of games, and storage area for athletic equipment and uniforms. The commons area includes a lobby, a small office space to allow for GES administration to have a place to work in close proximity to the new gym, a concession stand, 2 sets of bathrooms, and a storage area. Visitors will enter the building via the north entrance by the lobby and exit through the north and south exit of the new corridor.

The Committee

The Capital Campaign Committee is comprised of the following Bulldog supporters:

Adam Hickmann - Vice President

Janae Korte

Alicia Deiters

Jeff Kampwerth

Alison Schulte - Treasurer

Jessica Hester

Allison Schroeder

Jessica Santel

Amber Musenbrock

Karl Beer

Amy Ritzheimer

Kristin Zurliene

Andrea Toennies

Kristine Beer

Ashlee Street

Kyle Delahunt

Blain Loepker

Lauren Eversgerd

Brad Winkeler

Laurie Hemker

Brandy Pingsterhaus

Marla Husmann

Cassie Barr

Melanie Korte

Chad Rakers

Michelle Winkeler

Colbey Voss

Mike Korte

Craig Huegen

Paige Heimann

Crystal Gebke

Rhett Leary

Dan Reeves

Rob Beggs

Danielle Ribbing

Robin Becker - Secretary

Derrick Husmann

Shane Street

Duanne Ripperda - President

Shannon Hickman

Gina Reeves

Shelly Kohrmann

Harley Gebke

Stephanie Hemker

Jamie Dumstorff

Zack Boeckmann

Jamie Wilburn

Email raisetheroof@ges60.org to communicate with the Capital Campaign Committee.

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