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Germantown Elementary School District #60 has been allocated $126,394 through the ARP-LEA American Rescue Plan, otherwise known as ESSER III.  The district will implement ARP-ESSER funds for prevention and mitigation strategies as follows:

  • Employ class size reduction teacher for fourth grade

  • Employ paraprofessional for kindergarten classroom

  • Employ paraprofessional for RtI

  • Employ  educators for after school homework help program

  • Employ educators for summer enrichment programming

  • Employ consultant to conduct professional development with staff

  • Employ consultant to assist in coordinating new transitional kindergarten program

  • Employ full time substitute teacher

  • Purchase EdPuzzle Subscription

  • Purchase materials and supplies to promote student and staff social-emotional health

  • Purchase materials and supplies for summer enrichment program

  • Purchase (2) automatic water bottle fillers

  • Purchase furniture, materials, and supplies for new classroom - transition computer lab into a classroom

The District will allocate no less than 20% of funds to address learning loss by means of summer learning opportunities and after school programs. Funds will be spent to address the academic impact of lost instructional time.  The social, emotional, and mental health needs of our students will be addressed via individual, small group, and whole class push-in sessions with the school social worker. Members of the school community, staff and parents, will be provided the opportunity to share ongoing feedback via email, in person discussion, phone call, at monthly school board meetings, and through surveys.

Last Updated: 8/02/2021