Bulldog Band

All fourth grade students and parents are invited to the band room for a Beginner Band Parent Meeting at 6:30 on August 25.  The Halpin Music Representative will be in attendance to discuss instrument rental.  He will also have lesson plan books and optional music stands available for purchase.  Mrs. Henrichs will be there to explain a little about the GES Band Program and answer any questions parents may have to get their child started.

For parents that want to get a head start on the instrument rental process, simply go to  https://halpinmusic.com/rental-form/, complete, and submit the form.  By making arrangements prior to the meeting, the instrument will be available for pickup the night of the meeting, and your child will be able to get started right away.

If you plan to buy or use an instrument other than that from Halpin, please bring the instrument to the meeting, so it can be checked and cleaned if needed.  An instrument must be in top working condition in order for a new student to have success.  All students must have an instrument and a book before participating in band.

NOTE: There is a Band Fee of $50 per student like that of the sports teams.  This fee will not be charged to Beginner Band students until December.  This allows the student time to make sure that they want to participate in the program.