Parent Input Needed

With the subdivision north of town growing rapidly with young families, we see growth in our future.  We are planning ahead for that growth.

We are in the beginning stages of looking into the possibility of starting a transitional kindergarten program for the 2022-23 school year.  This program would serve 4 year olds that are not part of our morning PreK program and 5 year olds whose parents opted to wait a year to send their child to kindergarten.  

At this time, we envision transitional kindergarten being a bridge between PreK and kindergarten with the focus remaining on play-based learning while also incorporating a little more in the way of structured activities.  It would be a full day program that meets every day that school is in session from 8:30-3:05.  Bus transportation would be provided to the already established transportable areas of town, North Town, 161 East and Bottoms, and 161 West of Town, on the district's regular morning and afternoon bus routes.  Class size would be limited to 20 students.  Slots would be filled with children of Germantown residents first.  Any remaining open slots would be filled with interested out-of-district students.  The program would be tuition-based with Germantown families paying a lower rate than out-of-district families.  We have no way of knowing at this time what the associated cost would be.  Our goal would be to make it reasonable and well worth a family's investment.    

This survey is part of our feasibility study to determine if there is interest in such a program.  We will use the information collected through this survey to decide what steps, if any, to take next.

If you live in Germantown and have a child(ren) 4 years old or younger, or you plan to have a child(ren) in the near future, please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

Feel free to share this survey with anyone living in Germantown or interested in moving to Germantown that might benefit from this program in the near future.

Click here to access the survey.